This information is oriented to persons, who are interested in running their own business, offering items made by "Benefis" company.
This offer can be interesting in particular to the directors of ballet companies, educational institutions, and schools, producers of ballet costumes, owners of ballet shops and owners of dancewear internet-shops.The active and vigorous representatives, making the orders every month, will be granted with a free web-catalogue.

This web-catalogue is a ready business tool for carrying the business. 
You may see the entire list of assortment of Benefis output, which is automatically updated with new models, and the descriptions (in English, but it might be translated into other language) of our products and the photos of the products at this catalogue. Also, the tables "How to take measurements for women" and "How to take measurements for men" are available.
The web-catalogue is especially comfortable because it has a basket, where the buyers can collect and store chosen items.

In this web-catalogue, your potential customers will be able to see only your contact information and will contact exclusively You, as people will buy directly from You, as You will be making promotion to Your business. They will not see the web address, our e-mails, and telephone numbers of the main producer of ballet wear Benefis Company.This web catalogue can be completed with the payment system that is the clients will be able to pay their orders on-line. The prices in the web-catalogue are not higher than on the basic Benefis web-site. 
We recommend all our representatives to buy 1-2 our costumes as the samples, in order your clients could touch and see them and to assure in the quality of our costumes.

Conditions and discounts:

The discount giving to representative is 15%, if he makes the orders for the sum less than 1000 Euro.
The discount giving to representative is 20%, if he makes the orders for 1000 Euro per month. 
The discount giving to representative is 25%, if he makes the orders for 2000 Euro per month. 
The discount giving to representative is 30%, if he makes the orders for 3000 Euro per month. 

The final percentage charge for representatives are calculated at the end of each month. According to the total sum of placed orders, re-calculation is done. Example: if you place an order to the sum of 1500EUR on the 10th of current month– you get 20% discount automatically. If you place another order to the amount of 1000EUR on the 20th of the same month, you will get 25% discount on  both orders.

Until the given contract is signed the web-catalogue with the company’s products is given to the   representative for one moth for reviewing and for testing. The representative should sign the contract or refuse to use the web-catalogue. The representative should place orders at least once a month as a rule. Within two months after the contract has been signed therepresentative may not place any order if he/she still has no clients. If within the third month the representative does not place any order then in next month the discount will be 5% less than it is stated. If the representative does not place any order during the forth month then the discount will be 10% less than it is stated. If the representative does not place any orders within the fifth month then the discount will be 15% less than it is stated. As the minimal discount is 15% and if the representative does not place any orders within the period of five month,  he/she will lose the right to be the representative and his catalogue will be deactivated.

If representative orders the products, which have discounts on the MANUFACTURER website, than in such cases, the discounts granted to therepresentative for monthly orders 15%, 20%, and 25%, are not added to the discounts for the concrete products and in the invoice it would be included the discount which is more valuable, that is if the discount for representative is 25%, and the discount for the product on the website is 20%, than the discount 25% will be available, but if the discount for representative is 15%, and the discount for the product on the website is 30%, than the discount 30% for the concrete product will available.

In case if the representative orders on the website of the MANUFACTURER ready-made ballet products (section "Ready-made products") in quantity of not less than three items, than the MANUFACTURER grand the representative the additional discount 5%, in order to stimulate the selling of namely ready-made products. 

Conditions for exclusive representatives:

Our exclusive representative gets a discount of 40%, if he makes the orders for 3000 Euro per month without any interruption and we sign an agreement with the exclusive representative in each country individually. If at the country with one or many ordinary representative(s) appears the exclusive representative, than the question of the future activity of ordinaryrepresentatives will be in his responsibility. Every person or company can become the exclusiverepresentative, if the following conditions are working: 

1. Exclusive representative has the retail shop for theatrical or ballet wear, with area at least 50 square meters in the capital or other big city of the country; so the buyers would be able to see the items, to touch them, to try them on and to see their quality.

2. Exclusive representative’s orders must be regular, not less than once per month, and for the total sum not less than discussed individually in the contract between “Benefis” company and exclusive representative of the entire country.

3. The exclusive representative’s shop must have a connected to Internet computer, where the entire catalogue of manufacturer can be shown. 

You may take a look at our representatives’ web-catalogue, if you will follow the next link:http://balletwearshop.com/index.php?u=moldova Tell us please, what you think about it, do you like it? If you are interested in cooperation with our company, let us know, please. And we will send you the login, password and instructions how to administrate this catalogue for you business; and we will activate the web-catalogue for you. For further detailed information, please send us a letter: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.